Who we are

0a620db5-e4d0-44b1-a331-52efdde095a2International Research Mentoring is an online based business offering research, academic career and study mentoring services in social sciences through its global network of experts and scholars of social sciences. Our target client group includes high school graduates, first and upper years bachelor students, master students as well as PhD candidates from all around the world. Our mentoring services are purchased also by people who are back to education after years of professional experience.

We offer our services in English, Russian, Turkish, French and German. Our network of experts and scholars of social sciences brings together committed people with recognized achievements in their own fields. With an aim to become a global leader in research, study and academic career mentoring, we continuously revise our services and enlarge our network of experts and scholars of social sciences.

Our expertise is the guarantee of your success in research, studies and academic career in general. With us, you are in a safe career path!

For detailed information about our service packages go to Services We Offer. We are happy to answer any question you might have. You can reach us at Contact Us

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