Study Mentoring

The Study Mentoring package of services is designed to guide your study at any level of education, be it a bachelor degree, a master degree or PhD. We help you organize your study in a disciplined way, equip yourself with necessary methods and techniques, find out other online and offline opportunities that can boost your study, better record and analyze your achievements. Once you purchased this package of services, you will be under a regular guidance of our mentors. You can purchase this service for a semester or more. Alternatively, you can choose to receive mentoring in a certain subject, module or course.

Once we receive your request, we will send you a written survey to identify your needs and expectations. Consequently, our mentors will contact you to set a video or audio call. Then, you will be presented with Individual Study Mentoring Plan (ISMP). Our mentors will ask you to review your ISMP and provide your feedback. This will continue until we all are content that your ISMP fully fits your needs, expectations and all other conditions in general.

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