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With our global network of experts and scholars of social sciences, we offer a wide range of mentoring services in the following categories:


 Research Mentoring – Research is not any easy task even if you have made a long career in research. Every research comes with new challenges that you might never have faced before as well as opportunities that you cannot see at the moment but they know your doors. These are key moments in your research career that you need to face and explore to the fullest extent for your development and future successes. We are here to accompany you in such moments. We offer research mentoring for any size and any types of work at any level of higher education. For more information, please, see Research Mentoring:

Additionally, we offer:

Academic Career mentoring – If you need a professional support to identify and successfully pursue an academic career, this is the type of mentoring you need. You can be at any level of your education career, bachelor, master, PhD or even PostDoc. Our experts will help you develop your career vision, make an informed decision and pursue your academic career smoothly and successfully. They will help you identify your strengths and weakness, knowledge gaps and skill shortages and ways of maximizing outcomes of your efforts. They will help you find out the ways of self-development and online and offline training opportunities around the world best matching your needs. With us, you are in a safe career path! For more information, please, see Academic Career Mentoring.

Study Mentoring – Working in a fixed schedule on individual basis, our mentors will provide you mentoring throughout your study at any level of your education. They will help you organize your study in a disciplined way, deploy effective learning methods, find out additional free and paid learning opportunities and link with your peers around the world. With this service, you will be able to make best of opportunities around and fully realize your potential. For more information, please, see Study Mentoring.

Services are offered in a tailored way. Once you contact us, our general mentoring experts will set an interview with you to better identify your needs. Additionally, you will need to take a short survey to better identify your educational and/or professional background. Among our clients, we have high school graduates, first and upper years bachelor students, master students, doctoral students, including those who are back to study after years of professional experience.

Services are provided in English, Russian, Turkish, French and German.

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