How can I get an article published in an academic journal?

Getting published in a journal might not be the difficult part. Getting published in a journal with good impact factor is. Even though there are some academics with multiple published articles, getting published at least once is still a mammoth task for most of the researchers. Even though there is no easy hack to get... Continue Reading →

10 Benefits of an Academic Career

There are many compelling reasons to choose a career in academia. Here are our top 10. 1. Teaching Many PhDs choose an academic career because of their love of teaching. There are very few other jobs with the same opportunities to have such a long-term impact on students’ lives. 2. Mentoring Students Mentoring graduate students... Continue Reading →

6 Steps for Self-Discipline When You Study

Have you ever heard the quote, "Self-discipline is the difference between choosing what you want now and choosing what you want most"? It's a quote that tons of people in the business world follow religiously in order to get exactly what they most desire from their companies. It's a theory that many people use to... Continue Reading →

Ten Study Methods That Work

Studying effectively is not a matter of chance. Educators and psychologists have researched study methods for years. Some of the best studies come from the top universities: Stanford, Indiana, and Chicago where precise experiments with student groups have shed light on the most effective study methods. Students who follow these methods learn more easily, retain... Continue Reading →

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