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Different types of doctoral programmes are offered by universities around the world. However, there are mainly three types of doctoral programmes: structured, project-based and individual. In structured programmes, doctoral students take classes and exams in first two or four semesters and only after passing exams they start researching. In the project-based programmes, doctoral students are employed as research assistant in a research project and in parallel, they conducted their own research projects in a related topic. In individual programmes, doctoral students do not take any classes and are not part of any project but pursue their own research project independently. Usually, doctoral students have two – a main and secondary supervisors. As research outcome, they can choose to public a series of papers in ranking journals or a monograph – single piece of large scale research.

We offer research mentoring regardless of the type of programmes. You can choose to receive study mentoring if you are in a structured programme and currently taking classes. If you are already at research stage you can apply for research mentoring with us. If you are in a project-based or individual programme, we advise you to apply for our research mentoring as soon as possible. The earlier, the better.

Having a well-designed research proposal is key to your success. Although regardless of how well your proposal is designed, you always need to go to a previous stage to revise your methodology or conceptual framework. Research process is not linear. However, in a well-designed research project, you need only to make minor or unsubstantial changes. If you have problems in your research design, you need frequently to make substantial changes, prolonging your doctoral study or potentially ending up with failure. If you are not sure what is a well-designed research or whether your research is well designed, in other words, if you do not want to put your doctoral study under risk, we recommend you to contact us for research mentoring services. We do not provide only research design but a wide range of mentoring services guiding you throughout the whole research process from the identification of topic in the very beginning to publication stage in the end. Regardless of at what stage you are, you can request our mentoring support.

Besides the research mentoring services, we offer academic career mentoring services, too. It is at your doctoral stage that you need to think about and plan your post-doctoral endeavors. Our experts are well equipped to provide you academic career mentoring, helping you develop a clear and feasible post-doctoral plan.

One of the difficulties that doctoral students pursuing an individual programme face is related with developing self-discipline and effectively organizing your individual work. Here also we can offer you study mentoring support, helping you to effectively and efficiently structure your individual programme through different tools, methods and techniques.

Last but not least, we offer mentoring support to you to identify and access research community in your field, find out and attend conferences, where you can meet people, learn from their research projects and present your work-in-progress, and explore online and onsite, free and/or paid training, workshops and seminar series.

For more information see Services We Offer. Services are provided in English, Russian, Turkish, French and German. If you have a question or two, please, Contact Us.

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