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Studying a master degree is different from studying a bachelor degree. The type of reading materials and study requirements change significantly, requiring a different set of skills, techniques and methods. Not all bachelor students can easily adapt to a new situation, particularly in countries where the master degree is not two but one year long. It could be particularly difficult for you to find out what and how you should do if you are just back to education after years of professional experience, willing to make a career in a different field.

Master degree requires from you to work in the most intensive, most effective and most productive way in a short time.Therefore, if you want to make most out of your master degree, which is salient for your career in following years, we offer you what you actually need – mentoring your study and research. You can take a single task (essay, presentation, etc.),  single subject or the whole course mentoring through out a semester, two or all the study period.

If you plan to go to a professional life after your master degree, then, you need to make a perfect match between your studies and your professional targets, which is not always easy. Our experts will equip you with all what you need to make it to the maximum extent. Getting our mentoring services in this respect can increase your chances of employment in the market.

If you want to pursue an academic career after the master study, which means to pursue for a doctoral study, you need to identify your research area interest, design your proposal and find the right professors to supervise your research project. It is not easy to do all these on the one hand, and try to concentrate your master study deliveries on the other hand. Usually, very few manage to prepare for a doctoral study during the master study and still manage to perform well. Managing both together is key to your success. We can lead you there!

For more information see Services We Offer. Services are provided in English, Russian, Turkish, French and German. If you have a question or two, please, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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