For bachelor students

If you are a bachelor student and you want to boost your study performance, then you are in a right place. We offer a wide range of mentoring support to bachelor students. We tailor our services to your needs, strengths and weaknesses through a written survey and voice-call interviews that our experts conduct in the beginning of your cooperation with us. In other words, you get a package of services specially designed for you.

We help you develop a better self-discipline, better organize your study, learn how to produce quality essays, papers, learning logs, presentations and other tasks, better track and analyze the record of your results and compare it to your peer worldwide, reach a relevant literature and find out other free and paid opportunities such as training, workshops, study trips, etc. to boost your performance. With our study mentoring, you will always be under the supervision and guidance of our experts and sure of following the right path you need.

Through out services we will also help you to better imagine and have a clear idea of your future either in the market or academia. Having a clear vision of your future and a perfect match between your vision and your study is key to your success. if you feel not sure of it, we are here to support you with our wide range of mentoring services.

At university, most of the time, you are require to choose your subjects. However, bachelor students do not always make well-informed decisions, ending up with a diverse set of subjects that earn them some knowledge from diverse directions. Having cohesion in your course selection and thus in your knowledge and skills is key to your success in the market or academia in the future. Making right choices of subjects is as important as performing well in them. Some mistakes are not easily correctable.

Here we come to support your with our mentoring, equipping you with all necessary for making a well-informed decision about your future career and making right choices of subjects for it. For more information see Services We Offer. Services are provided in English, Russian, Turkish, French and German. If you have question, please, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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