Of monsters and mentors: PhD disasters, and how to avoid them

Despite all that’s been done to improve doctoral study, horror stories keep coming. Here three students relate PhD nightmares while two academics advise on how to ensure a successful supervision For all the efforts in recent years to improve the doctoral experience for students, Times Higher Education still receives a steady supply of horror stories from PhD... Continue Reading →

8 Good Reasons to Apply for a Master’s Degree

Editor’s note: If you’re a final year student, or if you graduated already, you’ll have come across this question a few times for sure. Your family asks it, your friends ask it, you ask it yourself. In this blog post, Laura Tucker, online content writer for www.TopUniversities.com answers the question: Why go to graduate school? Why apply for... Continue Reading →

10 Benefits of an Academic Career

There are many compelling reasons to choose a career in academia. Here are our top 10. 1. Teaching Many PhDs choose an academic career because of their love of teaching. There are very few other jobs with the same opportunities to have such a long-term impact on students’ lives. 2. Mentoring Students Mentoring graduate students... Continue Reading →

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