How to handle a large amount of literature?

Sometimes, if not always, we get huge amount of literature to review or we just simple want to keep our scope broader than we probably need just to be on the safe hand or to integrate our research with wider stands of literature. But how to handle tons of literature within which some are bound... Continue Reading →

How to be self-disciplined in your individual doctoral research project?

There are different types of doctoral programmes offered by universities around the world. Three main types can be identified: structured, project-based and individual. Usually, in structured doctoral programmes, students take classes and after a certain stage they start developing a research project under supervision of two or more professors. In project-based doctoral programmes, students do... Continue Reading →

Get Free Mentoring With Us

You do not always need to pay money to get free mentoring from us. We offer another way of payment. Below you can find out how you can get free mentoring from our global network of experts and scholars. In our philosophy, each individual case is unique. There is no single set of rules that... Continue Reading →


Scientific research involves a systematic process that focuses on being objective and gathering a multitude of information for analysis so that the researcher can come to a conclusion. This process is used in all research and evaluation projects, regardless of the research method (scientific method of inquiry, evaluation research, or action research). The process focuses... Continue Reading →

8 Good Reasons to Apply for a Master’s Degree

Editor’s note: If you’re a final year student, or if you graduated already, you’ll have come across this question a few times for sure. Your family asks it, your friends ask it, you ask it yourself. In this blog post, Laura Tucker, online content writer for answers the question: Why go to graduate school? Why apply for... Continue Reading →

How to write an academic article that gets published

To say academic article publishing is competitive is an understatement. Often described as publish or perish, university researchers are under huge pressure to get their articles written and into the world. With career success dependent on having a rock-solid publishing history, it can be scary to get started. Having just delivered my 100th presentation on how... Continue Reading →

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